Company Secretarial Services

In accordance with Companies Act No. 07 of 2007 Private Limited, Public Limited or Guarantee Company may be incorporated in Sri Lanka. Further, offshore Company or overseas Company too may be registered under the Companies Act in Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka postal address must be required to incorporate Private Limited Company or registration of Overseas Company. Sri Lanka address of Noncitizen Company Directors and Shareholders shall be informed to the Registrar of Companies by way of prescribed forms.

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Sri Lankan Company Directors or Shareholders may be required by foreign investors at the time of incorporation of a Company in Sri Lanka or in management of such Companies.

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The Secretary of a Company is required to have the prescribed qualifications under the Companies Act and no person shall be entitled to act for the Secretary of a Company having a turnover of One Million Rupees or more per annum or a Stated Capital of Five Hundred Thousand Rupees or more unless he is qualified to act as Company Secretary.

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Every Company shall at least once in every year deliver to the Registrar of Companies an Annual Return in the prescribed form.

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Changes in Company name, Company Directors or Company Secretary etc shall be informed to the Registrar of Companies within stipulated dates under the Companies Act.

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Service of Company Secretary is required for meetings of Board of Directors or meetings of Shareholders such as Annual General Meetings or Extraordinary General Meetings to convene the meetings update Minutes of meetings and other administrative task.

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Companies with foreign Directors or Shareholders may not always in Sri Lanka present in Sri Lanka and may required responsible person or individual to liaison with Customs, Department of Inland Revenue, Board of Investment of Sri Lanka, Banks or any other government or Private organizations.

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