H.R. Management

The employer is required to maintain following documents at his registered office.

1. A personal file of the Employee (Copies of Birth Certificates, Letter of Appointment, NIC etc.)
2. Remuneration Record
3. Job description or responsibilities
4. “E” Form (Form E – monthly attendance of the employee)
5. Form “B” etc.

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Any person who has entered into a contract with an employer in any capacity whether the contract is expressed or implied or oral or in writing shall be registered with Employee’s Provident Fund and Employee’s Trust Fund.

The EPF shall be deductible from an employee’s salary irrespective of the age at which he joins employment. It must be noted that casual workers are liable to contribute to the EPF Fund. Further employer shall be paid ETF without deducting from the benefits of employee.

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Regulation of Employment, Hours of Interval, Overtime Payments, Weekly Holidays, Annual Holidays, Termination of employment, Statutory Holidays, Poya Holiday, Maternity Leave, Payment of Remuneration, Time of payment of Remuneration, Obligation of the Employer, Remuneration Record, Types of Employments, Computation & Payment of Gratuity, Labour Law Relating to Women, Young Persons and Children’s, Sexual Harassments on Employment etc. people not covered for EPF, Total earnings for EPF, ETF & Gratuity etc.

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